Having fun making music

Happy New Year (let’s celebrate for a few weeks, since the U.S. has taken quite a beating)! We’re celebrating, of course, by never quitting our weekly meetings. Next one is Jan 12, and we hope we see you there. Please join us if you like! Each Tuesday at 7:00pm CST we have a (very) casual Online Open Mic – we play a couple of songs together, and then folks get an opportunity to play for the group. If you’re not on the mailing list, shoot us an email at tug_info@tuesdayukes.org.


Ready to Log In? If you’d like to log into our Tuesday, January 12 Zoom meeting at 7 p.m., here’s how to do it. You don’t need to perform a song–you can listen or strum along–and we usually provide a chart of the lyrics and chords. But we’re always happy to have you perform for the group. Join us!

Join the Zoom Meeting on Tues, Jan 12, 7 p.m.–just click on this link and follow the buttons (say “Yes” to the audio and video):


We used to email people invitations to our Zoom meetings, but since they don’t change, the instructions are below. We also capture the meetings on video – OnLine Open Mic Videos.

We also have play along videos – check out the Member Videos and the Spring 2020 Songbook videos. And since we’re all pretty much sitting at home most of the time – this is a good chance to work on some new strums with our TUG Strum Class videos. We’re adding videos (and other stuff) almost every day – so check back.

We’ll be updating our calendar with local online events – and check out Ukulele Magazine’s Live Stream Events Calendar – lots of great stuff going on in the ukulele world.

Take care – and keep playing.

We’re a group of uke players who wish we could meet each Tuesday at 7:00pm at The Hancock Recreation Center – 811 E. 41st Street, Austin, TX. (Hancock Rec Center Web). It’ll happen again, we hope, and we’ll let you know when.

We open our meetings by playing a couple of songs that we haven’t played for a while. Then we play a few songs from our current, and ever-changing quarterly songbook. Folks bring in songs they like and we try new songs – we’re open to anything! We project the song sheets on the wall – and we have loaner ukes at every meeting – so you don’t need anything! At the end of each quarter we pull a dozen or so songs from our current songbook, print song sheets,  and have an open uke jam at a local watering hole – we call it a UkeAlong.  We take our loaner ukes and usually get some bystanders involved  – it’s a lot of fun.

From 6:30pm to 7:00pm each Tuesday we have a gentle warm up where we play one and two-chord songs.

If you have any questions drop us an email – tug_info@tuesdayukes.org. We’re very informal, and this is a friendly group – so come out and play ukes with us.