Tuesday Ukes Videos

During the quarantine we’re putting together some play-along and sing-along videos. Some of the videos have PDF songbooks available as well.

If you want to just do a quick play along – use Tug Play Along Roulette. Just a click and it will pull up a random play along video from our library – have your uke ready!

Senior Sing

Senior Sing is a group from the TUG family which does weekly singalongs for local Assisted Living and Memory Care groups. These videos are the complete singalongs, 12 songs in each – and with the lyrics projected on the screen.

Spring 2020 Songbook

Play-along videos for the songs in the Spring 202 Songbook. The whole songbook is also available as a download. Make video or record an audio file and send it in – we’ll post it for everyone to enjoy!

Online Open Mic

For the duration of the viral distancing we’re hosting a weekly Online Open Mic using Zoom for the greater TUG family. These are video captures of the open mic sessions. If you miss seeing people – here’s your chance.

Weekly Group Play Alongs

Just about once a week we put together a play along video with a few songs – kind of like our weekly meetings. Each video also has a PDF songsheet available.

TUG Member Videos

Check out videos from our TUG members – a bunch of great play alongs. Check the You Tube description for song downloads.

TUG Uke Camp Videos

You can get the Uke Camp book, and videos for the 4 Uke Camp sessions – as well as a 2-Chord song video and songbook. This is targeted at real beginners – we start with how to hold the uke!

TUG Strum Class

One strum pattern per-video – plus an instruction sheet and a couple of songs for each strum. You can’t have too many strums under your fingers.

TUG Performance Videos

Group performances at Austin Ukulele Society open mics – and other venues!