TUG's Favorite Songs

These are songs we've played multiple times and have become our core music that most of our members are familiar with. If you're looking for a song to learn and lead during one of our Tuesday meetings, any of these is a good choice.

Smile (Easier) .chopro .pdf
Achy Breaky Heart .chopro PDF video
Texas Cookin .chopro PDF video
Folsom Prison Blues .chopro PDF video
The Gambler .chopro PDF video
Homegrown Tomatoes .chopro PDF video
In Heaven There Is No Beer .chopro PDF video
Midnight Special .chopro PDF video
Mack the Knife .chopro PDF video
Jambalaya .chopro PDF video
Stand by Me .chopro PDF video
Waltz Across Texas .chopro PDF video
Some Beach .chopro PDF video
Sixteen Tons .chopro PDF video
Angel From Montgomery .chopro PDF video
I'll Fly Away .chopro PDF video
Paradise .chopro PDF video
Pancho and Lefty .chopro PDF video
Big Rock Candy Mountain .chopro PDF video
Summertime .chopro PDF video
Swinging on a Star .chopro PDF video
Ripple .chopro PDF video
Ain't Gonna Rain No More .chopro PDF
Choo Choo Ch'boogie .chopro PDF video
Sunny Side of the Street .chopro .pdf video

TUG's Two Chord Songs

These are fun, easy songs we've played multiple times.

Waltz Across Texas .chopro PDF video
Angeline The Baker .chopro .pdf video
Hush Little Baby .chopro .pdf
Iko Iko .chopro .pdf video
The Beat Goes On .chopro .pdf
Achy Breaky Heart .chopro PDF video
Jambalaya .chopro .pdf video
Texas Cookin .chopro PDF video
Buffalo Gals .chopro .pdf video
Dance the Night Away .chopro .pdf video
Deep In The Heart Of Texas .chopro .pdf video
Dream Baby .chopro .pdf video
Down in the Valley .chopro .pdf video