TUG Newbie Page

This page intends to introduce new members to TUG and the TUG web page, and also consolidate all the TUG content that might be useful to new ukulele players.

Join the Mailing List

We use the email list to send reminders about upcoming meetings and to send a weekly video index of the most recent meeting. If we have a meeting cancellation, the email list is the primary way to hear about it. We also have some friendly conversations, but the traffic is generally pretty light. You can configure your groups.io account to send you every message, a daily digest, or nothing at all.

Uke Camp

If you've never picked up a ukulele, the "Uke Camp" page provides video introduction to the instrument, along with a PDF book

Member Videos

Many of the member videos are good play-alongs, with music on-screen. Some of the videos are just for watching, and don't include music.

Favorite Songs

Our favorite songs list contains relatively simple songs that we periodically repeat in our meetings. If you'd like to practice a tune before your visit with us, this is a good list to choose from.

Music Archive

The Music Archive contains most of the songs we've played since the beginning of 2020. If you're looking for music to a song you know, this is a good place to start. Many of the songs have multiple versions — these might be in different keys, or include different verses.

Meeting Video Indices

Since early 2020, we have recorded all our meetings on Zoom. This page includes an index to all the songs we've played. Many of the songs include a link to a song sheet. The timestamp on each line takes you to the portion of the YouTube video with that song's performance.

Music Format

Our music is stored in the ChordPro format. This is a simple text file where chords are embedded within the lyrics in square brackets. For example:
What [Em]child is [G]this, who, [D]laid to rest

We use OnSong to display the music during our meetings, and we often use ChordPro to generate a PDF from the .chopro file.

Music Submission

If you'd like to submit a song for us to play, but don't have it in the ChordPro format, feel free to send any format you have handy. If you found your music on another web site, please provide a URL link to your source. Even if you plan to play a song from the TUG archive, it's helpful for you to provide a URL to the music since we have multiple versions of many of the songs in the archive.

Send your music to [email protected] a few days before the meeting. Paul will do whatever formatting seems necessary, add the music to the archive, and add links to "submitted songs for next week" at TuesdayUkes.org. The meeting projectionist will use those files in the next meeting.

Instructional videos and easy play-alongs

Click for video

2-Chord Songbook - This goes with the play-along video for 2 chord songs
Click for video
Two or Three - Wabash Cannonball, MTA
Click for video
Two or Three - Don't Mess With My Toot Toot, St James Infirmary, Texas Cookin
Click for video
Two or Three - Big Chief Buffalo Nickel, Cornbread and Butterbeans
Click for video
Two or Three - Bye Bye Love, I'll Tell My Ma, Wang Dang Doodle
Click for video
Two or Three - Waltz Across Texas, Iko Iko
Click for video
Two or Three - What Will We Do With the Baby-O, Worried Man Blues, Jambalaya
Click for video
Two or Three - Pistol' Packin Mama, Baby Please Don't Go Songsheets ( 2 or 3 chords, 2 or 3 songs)
Click for video
Gospely Saturday - I Saw The Light
Click for video
Gospely Saturday - This Train
Click for video
Gospely Saturday - Keep on the Sunny Side
Click for video
Gospely Saturday - Wading Through Deep Water
Click for video
Gospely Saturday #2 - Mary Don't You Weep
Click for video
Gospely Saturday #1 - When Death Comes