September 19, 2023

3:47 group Summertime
14:49 group Homegrown Tomatoes
23:08 Mary Jane September's Song
30:15 Brenda Bad Moon Rising
34:14 Walter I Go to Pieces
39:28 group Folsom Prison Blues
44:40 Charlie You Got It
48:19 Paul Our Lips are Sealed
52:39 Mary Jane Prairie Lullaby
58:20 Mark Orphan Girl
1:04:01 group Happy Trails

September 12, 2023

1:51 group Some Beach
6:01 Walter Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing
13:12 Mary Jane Paintin' Up the Town
17:09 Brenda Blowin' in the Wind
21:10 Daniel Happy Hour
26:34 Mary Jane Roll Along Prairie Moon
31:00 Charlie The Sun Keeps Shining
37:54 Walter If I Didn't Care
42:11 Paul Mad About You
49:48 Fancy Lili Marlene
54:18 group Happy Trails

September 5, 2023

21:10 group In Heaven There is No Beer
26:10 Brenda Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?
37:53 group Paradise
43:05 Daniel Amarillo by Morning
52:45 Walter Fortune Teller
56:42 Mary Jane Come by the Hills
1:02:20 Fancy Crash on the Levee
1:05:15 Charlie Oh, I Wanna Be a Dog
1:12:43 Fancy Cold Cold Ground
1:18:45 Mary Jane The Devil Made Texas
1:25:54 Paul Over the Rainbow
1:30:02 Marty Mandolin
1:34:25 group Happy Trails

August 29, 2023

21:10 group In Heaven There is No Beer
26:10 Brenda Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?
37:53 group Paradise
43:05 Daniel Amarillo by Morning
52:45 Walter Fortune Teller
56:42 Mary Jane Come by the Hills
1:02:20 Fancy Crash on the Levee
1:05:15 Charlie Oh, I Wanna Be a Dog
1:12:43 Fancy Cold Cold Ground
1:18:45 Mary Jane The Devil Made Texas
1:25:54 Paul Over the Rainbow
1:30:02 Marty Mandolin
1:34:25 group Happy Trails

August 22, 2023

2:32 group Achy Breaky Heart
8:55 group Jambalaya
14:04 Mary Jane Down in Texas
25:08 Daniel I'm Into Something Good
28:03 Brenda Walkin' After Midnight
30:39 group Some Beach
34:33 Gary and Paulette Shake Sugaree
41:04 Mary Jane Bad Trick
45:36 Charlie Mama Tried
49:55 Paul If I Only Had a Brain
55:40 Marty Angeline the Baker
1:01:20 group Happy Trails

August 15, 2023

18:30 group Iko Iko
22:35 Mary Jane Summer's End
27:40 Brenda Dancin' in the Street
31:56 Paulette and Gary Stand by Me
35:52 Daniel I'm into Something Good
38:50 Walter All Shook Up
44:00 Marty The Weight
49:57 Walter Dream Lover
55:00 group Ramblin Man
1:00:01 group Happy Trails

August 1, 2023

4:44 group Ripple
11:10 Paulette and Gary The Heat Goes On
17:10 Mary Jane Skibbereen
23:04 Daniel I Left My Heart in San Francisco
26:30 Walter Trouble in Mind
36:18 Brenda Hallelujah - Spoof
40:18 Charlie Pancho and Lefty
46:42 group The Gambler
52:01 Paul Texas Armadillo
58:33 Gary and Paulette Heat Wave
1:03:53 Mary Jane Bramble and the Rose
1:07:43 Walter Only the Lonely
1:13:30 Rich This Guy's in Love With You
1:18:44 group Happy Trails

July 25, 2023

7:11 group Buffalo Gals
11:07 group Swinging on a Star
14:47 group I'll Fly Away
22:18 group Summertime
20:55 Walter I'll Come Running
34:36 Brenda Johnny B Goode
40:25 Paul I'm Gonna Be
45:22 Walter Finger Poppin' Time
50:51 Daniel Makin' Whoopee
55:57 Mary Jane Winters Come and Gone
59:20 Charlie Mr. Bojangles
1:06:44 group Happy Trails

July 18, 2023

0:05 group Deep in the Heart of Texas
5:47 Paul Kenneth
9:14 Gary and Paulette Angeline the Baker
21:02 group Swinging on a Star
27:45 group Mack the Knife
36:30 Daniel Animal Boy
43:03 Walter As I Went Out One Morning
47:52 Fancy Vigilante Man
57:26 Walter KC Moan
1:04:52 Mary Jane I Once Loved a Lass
1:12:31 Brenda Dream Baby
1:19:50 group Happy Trails

July 11, 2023

0:35 group Paradise
6:45 group Summertime
11:24 group Waltz Across Texas
16:20 Walter Wicked Messenger
21:33 Daniel I'll Follow the Sun
25:02 Paulette and Gary Sittin n the Dock of the Bay
31:59 Christine Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
37:35 Paul Wild World
42:24 Mary Jane THe Lakes of Pontchartrain
49:58 Brenda Choo Choo Ch'boogie
55:39 Walter Ain't Gonna Rain No More
1:04:42 Rich I Can't Tell You Why
1:07:45 group Happy Trails

June 27, 2023

4:15 group The Midnight Special
22:35 group I'll Fly Away
27:23 Brenda The Circle Game
32:38 Paul Honesty
39:00 Mary Jane Sweet Thang
46:08 Fancy Ramblin Man
53:21 Walter Sweet Sue
1:02:44 Daniel Come a Little Bit Closer
1:13:18 Christine Sunny Side of the Street
1:16:11 Rich Your Song
1:21:30 Paulette and Gary It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
1:30:23 group Happy Trails

June 20, 2023

11:06 group Dream Baby
15:45 Walter Morning Blues
27:42 Paul Don't Ask Me
31:55 Brenda Little Red Uke
38:35 Daniel Daydream
42:54 Mary Jane Night Rider's Lament
47:34 Walter I Hear You Knocking
52:15 Gary and Paulette 500 Miles
56:04 Paul Beer Run
1:06:03 group Happy Trails

June 13, 2023

12:53 group Down in the Valley
22:35 Daniel Texas Love Song
27:47 Gary and Paulette Catch the Wind
36:03 Walter Blue Moon of Kentucky
42:30 Mary Jane Mr. Tambourine Man
51:15 group Achy Breaky Heart
55:00 group Always On My Mind
1:00:40 Deana Me and Bobby McGee
1:06:06 group Bottle of Wine
1:09:40 group Blueberry Hill
1:12:58 group Happy Trails

Open Mic at Kickbutt Coffee June 10, 2023

0:34 Austin Ukestra
17:14 Tuesday Ukulele Group
30:57 Austin Ukulele Ensemble
40:25 Barbara Fran and John
46:25 Cynthia and Shelley
53:45 Robin
1:00:00 Kevin
1:11:48 Kaia and Mia
1:23:45 Paulette and Gary
1:30:20 Adam
1:35:15 Jay
1:43:15 Bob and Aaron
1:52:55 Matt

June 6, 2023

0:16 group Dance the Night Away
8:04 Christine Gonna Spend More Time with You
15:12 Fancy I Miss my Pretty Fraulein
20:00 Mary Jane Sweet Fern
25:13 Walter I Wish I was a Monkey
30:36 Walter Washington at Valley Forge
38:20 group Folsom Prison Blues
52:35 group The Gambler

May 30, 2023

9:37 group Waltz Across Texas
20:42 Mary Jane This Morning I Was Born Again
24:45 Walter Happy Rovin' Cowboy
31:42 Barbara Can't Help Loving That Man of Mine
36:28 Walter In the Jailhouse Now
43:12 David We are the Crystal Gems
45:07 Brenda Back in the High Life Again
51:22 Paul Ballad of Devil's Backbone Tavern
1:10:25 group Folsom Prison Blues
1:31:00 group The Gambler
1:38:19 group Happy Trails

May 23, 2023

13:30 Vany I'm So Lonely I Could Cry
29:10 Paul Something
39:25 Christine I Feel For You
46:07 Walter Happy Rovin' Cowboy
49:44 Barbara Amazing Grace Medley
57:14 Brenda Big Rock Candy Mountain
1:01:25 Paul I Can't Complain
1:07:42 Walter Build Me Up Buttercup
1:15:44 group Folsom Prison Blues
1:57:33 group The Gambler

May 16, 2023

3:54 group Jambalaya
8:42 Walter Mack the Knife
19:20 Mary Jane Lonely Yukon Stars
24:14 Brenda Scarborough Fair
29:19 Barbara The Wayward Wind
32:58 Marty Different Boats
38:54 Paul Statistician's Blues
42:34 Paul Vinyl Records
48:59 Vany City of New Orleans
55:15 Gary and Paulette Folsom Prison Blues
1:07:45 Gary and Paulette The Gambler
1:24:44 group Happy Trails

May 9, 2023

20:29 Paul Are You My Sunshine?
23:49 Brenda Looking Out My Back Door
26:31 Walter If You Want to be a Bird
30:42 Mary Jane Wagon Wheels
40:00 group The Gambler
44:56 group Folsom Prison Blues
51:08 Gary and Paulette The Watchman's Gone
56:30 group Happy Trails

May 2, 2023

12:06 Walter Coney Island Washboard
15:10 Mary Jane El Paso
24:45 Paulette and Gary Because the Night
30:06 Marty Dream of a Miner's Child
36:10 Brenda As Tears Go By
43:16 Walter Blue Bayou
47:23 Paul If You Could Read My Mind
54:50 Barbara Let the Mystery Be
1:01:09 Mark The Gambler
1:07:14 Mark Folsom Prison Blues
1:12:06 group Happy Trails

April 25, 2023

6:48 group Achy Breaky Heart
11:25 Gary and Paulette Jamaica Farewell
15:51 Walter Choc-o-late Jesus
28:33 Mary Jane Carolina in the Pines
35:15 Vany People Get Ready
40:32 Paul Flowers
47:05 Gary and Paulette City of Stars
53:03 Brenda I Remember Everything
1:00:05 Walter Hooked on a Feeling
1:06:06 Gary and Paulette London Homesick Blues
1:12:06 group Happy Trails

April 18, 2023

23:15 group Buffalo Gals
30:37 Mary Jane Yelow Bird
37:51 Walter All Shook Up
43:35 Paul Vinyl Records
48:13 Brenda End of the Line
56:08 group Texas Cookin
1:04:30 Gary and Paulette London Homesick Blues
1:20:10 Barbara California Stars
1:25:27 Walter Big in Japan
1:34:43 group Jambalaya
1:39:10 group Happy Trails

April 11, 2023

32:09 Vany I Forgot to Remember to Forget
36:54 Marty and Gary Foggy Mountain Special
41:52 Mary Jane Red Red Wine
46:00 Walter Wish You Were Here
55:00 Christine Baby I'm Yours
59:22 Fred Crawdad Song
1:02:21 Gary Blue Moon
1:08:05 Walter St. James' Infirmary Blues
1:17:35 Kent Junk Food Junkie
1:21:56 Mike Music Box Waltz
1:21:48 Brenda Jambalaya
1:34:56 Paulette and Gary Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key
1:42:56 Paul Autumn Leaves
1:44:22 Paul Minor Swing
2:08:04 Vany As Tears Go By
2:12:13 Christine For No One
2:17:42 Mark Folsom Prison Blues
2:22:48 Christine Miserable, Lonely, Alleycat Blues
2:28:33 group Werewolves of Austin
2:35:13 group Happy Trails

April 4, 2023

21:55 group El Camino
26:10 group Deep in the Heart of Texas
32:35 Mary Jane Rose of Cimarron
40:10 Gary You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
43:26 Brenda After the Gold Rush
49:28 Paul Big Bad Bill
52:50 Walter Bully of the Town
59:55 Gary and Paulette Last Kind Words
1:04:50 Mike Time in a Bottle
1:11:30 Vany Baby Can I Hold You
1:17:02 Marty Red Haired Boy
1:27:05 group The Battle of New Orleans
1:31:04 Christine A Song for You
1:35:35 group Happy Trails

March 28, 2023

16:32 group El Camino
20:24 Walter Popeye the Sailor Man
28:26 Mary Jane The Unicorn
35:23 Gary Somewhere Only We Know
41:52 Brenda Eight Days a Week
53:54 Vany Crowded Table
1:00:14 Barbara Heartaches by the Number
1:04:14 Gary and Paulette Saint Teresa
1:10:08 Mary Jane Rolling Hills of the Borders
1:14:09 Paul Hurt
1:18:27 group Happy Trails

March 21, 2023

21:44 group Dance the Night Away
27:47 Marty Railroad Town Without a Train
36:21 Barbara Keep on the Sunny Side
42:17 Gary Don't Worry - Be Happy
49:00 Christine Island in the Sun
56:22 Mary Jane Gulf Coast Highway
1:03:13 Gary and Paulette His Latest Flame
1:09:41 Paul Linger
1:16:33 Walter Come Go with Me
1:20:07 Brenda Big Rock Candy Mountain
1:26:48 Mary Jane The Songs the Water Sings
1:32:06 group Happy Trails

March 14, 2023

7:45 group Waltz Across Texas
20:12 Walter Baby It's You
26:04 Mary Jane Rose of Allendale
36:51 Paul Drift Away
46:14 Brenda Da Doo Ron Ron
53:22 Kelly Log Driver's Waltz
1:05:03 group Happy Birthday
1:14:32 Allen Five Foot Sloop John Folsom Wagon Riding Blues
1:08:00 Vany Sing me a Song
1:25:27 Mark Angel from Montgomery
1:30:30 group Happy Trails

March 7, 2023

2:07 group Green Green Rocky Road
8:34 Walter I Don't Know Why I Love You But I Do
14:15 Brenda A Place in the Sun
18:04 Gary and Paulette I Can See Clearly Now
24:57 Mary Jane Remember the Alamo
32:10 Paul Wildflowers
36:42 Marty Ol' 55
43:50 Vany Sunny Afternoon
52:12 Barbara Love it Will Grow
58:30 Christine Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
1:09:17 Mary Jane The River, Mother Nature & Me
1:19:50 group Happy Trails

February 28, 2023

7:50 group Buffalo Gals
13:03 Kent The Beehive State
18:15 Walter Don't You Just Know It
23:20 Marty Mama's Apron Strings
27:10 Vany Rocket Man
31:07 Mary Jane Landslide
35:45 Christine Dream Lover
39:12 Gary After Hours
42:11 Paulette and Gary I'll Always Remember Us This Way
47:15 Paul Upside of Lonely
51:55 Brenda Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
56:18 Barbara She Thinks I Still Care
1:00:07 Mary Jane Charlie's Ring
1:05:50 Paul Flowers
1:16:50 group Happy Trails

February 21, 2023

13:58 group Jambalaya
18:28 Paulette and Gary 500 Miles
21:40 Paul 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
27:18 Walter Unchained Melody
31:46 David Being Human
38:28 Vany Don't Fence Me In
42:09 Brenda House of the Rising Sun
51:37 Gary and Paulette Fields of Gold
1:01:01 Barbara A Fool Such as I
1:05:11 Paul Just the Two of Us
1:16:50 group Happy Trails

February 14, 2023

12:19 Gary and Paulette Down in the Valley
17:35 Walter If I Didn't Care
21:09 Paul Love Stinks
25:43 Mary Jane A Red, Red Rose
30:10 Walter Wheels on the Bus
39:02 Gary and Paulette Oh Darling
45:24 Mary Jane The Book of Love
52:51 Mary Jane Star of the County Down
55:55 Paul Reminiscing
1:06:24 group I'll Fly Away
1:11:01 group Happy Trails

February 7, 2023

14:40 Gary and Paulette Buffalo Gals
18:19 Paul Go Your Own Way
25:01 Mary Jane If I Was a Blackbird
32:06 Walter When the Red, Red Robin
37:16 Christine Talkin' in my Sleep
43:17 Paulette and Gary Leavin' on a Jet Plane
48:44 Brenda Who'll Stop the Rain
54:28 Barbara If I Had a Hammer
1:04:56 Deana interim music
1:12:38 Paul Question
1:18:45 Marty London Homesick Blues
1:23:30 Mary Jane Heather on the Moor

January 31, 2023

16:00 Gary and Paulette Dream Baby
21:54 Barbara Happy Talk
26:20 Paul Drift Away
32:45 Walter Working in a Coal Mine
38:24 Mary Jane Scots Wha Hae
43:12 Brenda Good Riddance
51:03 Debbie So Long Marianne
58:44 Paulette and Gary Take it Easy
1:04:37 Marty Shady Grove
1:23:40 Walter Bye Bye Blues
1:31:27 Mary Jane Ca' the Yowes
1:41:22 Paul Bridge Over Troubled Water
1:50:35 group Don't Dallas My Austin

January 24, 2023

18:15 group Buffalo Gals
20:40 group Deep in the Heart of Texas
24:57 Debbie Summer's End
34:00 Mary Jane A Man's A Man for A' That
38:37 Walter Heat Wave
48:50 Barbara Button Up Your Overcoat
55:19 Paul Almost Cut My Hair
1:04:22 Brenda Hallelujah
1:11:30 Rich By the Time I Get to Phoenix
1:15:49 Paul Minor Swing Solo
1:19:36 Mary Jane Ae Fond Kiss
1:27:12 group Happy Trails

January 17, 2023

24:07 Mary Jane Hold On
30:35 Walter Sweet Sue, Just You
40:20 Christine The River
46:20 Brenda This Land
53:51 Gary and Paulette Big Yellow Taxi
1:05:21 Paul Walk of Life
1:12:24 Marty Amazing Grace
1:16:52 Barbara Catfish John
1:25:21 Mary Jane McPherson's Farewell
1:31:52 group Happy Trails

Kick Butt Coffee Open Mic January 14, 2023

4:00 Ukestra
15:01 Tuesday Ukulele Group
24:55 Austin Ukulele Society Ensemble
39:32 The John Davenport
47:33 Helen
53:21 Kelly
58:11 Elan
1:03:27 Jason
1:07:02 Kaia
1:17:33 Bob
1:27:45 Roger
1:31:55 Quinn
1:37:03 Krishna
1:41:39 Eric
1:45:43 Fran
1:51:43 Jay
1:58:45 Paul
2:06:55 Kristen
2:10:27 Natalie
2:15:10 Sho

January 10, 2023

27:44 Gary Jambalaya
31:50 Christine For No One
37:47 group Texas Cooking
47:41 Mary Jane Ye Jacobites by Name
53:33 Gary and Paulette The Last Thing on My Mind
59:16 Walter Israelites
1:07:26 Mary Jane Henry Martin
1:26:54 group The Battle of New Orleans
1:31:40 group Some Beach

January 3, 2023

29:35 Mary Jane Skye Boat Song
36:20 Brenda Don't Worry - Be Happy
40:35 Walter Alligator Meat
46:16 Christine Sixteen Tons
49:53 Gary and Paulette Auld Lang Syne
55:43 Paul Norwegian Wood
1:01:30 Barbara Down by the Riverside
1:07:16 Mary Jane Sing Me a Song of a Lad that is Gone
1:10:52 group Some Beach
1:21:15 group The Battle of New Orleans
1:33:08 group Happy Trails

December 27, 2022

20:49 Walter Old Lang's Sign
26:15 Vany Going Back Home
30:18 Paul Barrier Reef
36:57 Brenda Jolene - Ham
41:12 Mary Jane Finnigan's Wake
46:53 Gary and Paulette Who'll Stop the Rain
55:00 Christine Wintertime
1:01:26 Mary Jane Cruiscin Lan
1:06:33 group The Battle of New Orleans
1:20:35 group Some Beach
1:25:20 group Happy Trails

December 20, 2022

19:29 Christine Christmas in Killarney
22:00 Walter We Three Kings
26:23 Mary Jane Arthur McBride and the Sergeant
36:24 Brenda Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
42:00 Barbara Pretty Paper
46:25 Paul Here it is Christmastime
52:09 group The Battle of New Orleans
56:44 group Some Beach
1:03:00 Marty Greensleeves
1:20:50 Gary and Paulette Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
1:25:47 Mary Jane The Wassail Song
1:30:47 Christine A Child is Born
1:36:26 Barbara African Noel
1:44:43 Vany Going Back Home
1:55:55 Walter Chipmunk Song

December 13, 2022

10:50 Paulette and Gary Have Yourself Another Covid Christmas
17:52 Walter I've Got Tears in My Ears
21:47 Mary Jane People Look East
24:25 Gary People Get Ready
28:55 group The Battle of New Orleans
36:27 group Some Beach
50:35 Brenda Big Rock Candy Mountain
54:57 Paul Christmas Time is Here
58:03 Rich Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
1:02:40 Mary Jane Grandma's Poinsettia
1:07:26 Mary Jane Wexford Carol
1:12:48 group Happy Trails

December 6, 2022

13:48 Vany City of New Orleans
23:18 Mary Jane A Swallow Song
27:25 Brenda Mad World
41:51 Walter I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
48:02 group Some Beach
1:01:47 group The Battle of New Orleans
1:08:57 Barbara Turn Turn Turn
1:16:25 Paulette and Gary Kevin Jolly Christmas
1:20:45 Paul Autumn Leaves
1:22:21 Rich Say a Little Prayer
1:26:08 group Happy Trails

November 29, 2022

6:45group The Battle of New Orleans
23:45group Some Beach
33:17Walter I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
39:53Mary Jane Blue Kentucky Girl
45:29Brenda Feelin' Groovy
53:34Marty Foggy Mountain Special
1:00:37Vany What a Wonderful World
1:04:48Barbara Side by Side
1:08:45Paul I Don't Know What Christmas Is
1:13:30group Happy Trails

November 22, 2022

30:01Vany Moon River
42:25group Some Beach
50:45group The Battle of New Orleans
1:20:07Barbara Cold, Cold Heart
1:24:15Brenda Scarborough Fair
1:30:40Paulette and Gary Moonshadow
1:36:01Walter I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
1:41:41group Happy Trails

November 15, 2022

16:43Mary Jane Buffalo Skinners
32:12Vany Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold
36:39group The Battle of New Orleans
59:35Christine Oh Yoko
1:07:50Gary and Paulette Here Comes the Rain Again
1:14:50Brenda Downtown
1:20:20Mary Jane Snowin on Raton
1:27:06group Some Beach
1:33:21Walter I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
1:42:20group Happy Trails

November 8, 2022

13:53Gary The Battle of New Orleans
19:06Brenda Summertime
31:36Mary Jane Zephyr's Big Island
36:44Vany Blue Eyed Elaine
43:16Walter I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
51:53Paul Bad Moon Rising
58:19Gary Moonshadow
1:04:23Walter Hooked on a Feeling
1:10:01Barbara Pennies from Heaven
1:19:08group Happy Trails

November 1, 2022

3:49Kent Lodi
8:08Walter When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along
15:20Vany Summer's End
21:53Mary Jane Death Comes Creepin'
27:21Brenda Famous Blue Raincoat
35:35Gary and Paulette I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
41:52Paul Some Beach
47:00Marty Irish Washerwoman
52:30Mary Jane O Death
1:01:13Paul Stupid Texas Song
1:08:38group Happy Trails

October 25, 2022

14:21Marty Gentle on My Mind
20:24Walter I Put a Spell on You
27:58Paul Stupid Texas Song
36:40Mary Jane I am Willing
43:29Brenda Holiday
49:05Gary and Paulette You Showed Me
54:10Barbara I'll Never Find Another You
58:56Gary A Mountain High-Top
1:08:59Mary Jane In This Life
1:18:43group Happy Trails

October 18, 2022

20:14Mary Jane Crossing the Water
26:25Paul Conservative Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight, White American Males
34:35Barbara Daniel
39:23Christine In My Life
42:37Walter Ain't No Grave
48:31Paulette and Gary Love Potion Number 9
52:20Brenda Ghost Chickens in the Sky
55:55Paulette Bad Moon Rising
1:01:54Mary Jane Anson Runaway
1:09:15Paul Time in a Bottle
1:14:45group Choo Choo Ch'Boogie

October 11, 2022

27:35Paul I Hold Your Hand in Mine
30:20Walter Haunted House
37:05Gary and Paulette Ghost Riders in the Sky
43:51Vany My Rifle My Pony and Me
48:23Brenda Johnny B Goode
58:45Fancy Bow Tie Daddy
1:01:15Marty Best Female Actress
1:10:00group Love Potion Number 9
1:13:45group Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Was In
1:18:30group Jambalaya
1:23:33Paul Cocaine Blues
1:30:13group Monster Mash
1:35:45group Happy Trails

October 4, 2022

10:50Paul Summertime
26:26Walter I'll Fly Away
34:30Marty Chords in C
39:10Rich Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
45:05Paulette and Gary It's a Hard Life Wherever You Go
50:40Brenda Good Riddance
58:32Christine I'm Coming Home
1:10:49All Happy Trails

September 13, 2022

18:57Mary Jane The Meeting of the Waters
23:59Brenda The Gambler
29:16Gary Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key
36:05Paul The Last Moonshiner
42:15Walter He Played the Ukulele as the Ship Went Down
45:42Kent Her Majesty
50:10Mary Jane Black Muddy River
55:28Paul Smile
1:04:52Paul Walk on Boy

September 6, 2022

15:10Christine I Wish I Could Retire
19:42Paul Watching the Wheels
24:25Walter Dancin' in the Street
31:43Gary City of New Orleans
37:37Vany City of New Orleans
44:16Brenda Downtown
50:09Mary Jane Hobo's Meditation
56:34Gary and Paulette Because the Night
1:03:35Kent America
1:09:40Mary Jane In the Ghetto
1:12:52Christine Talkin in Your Sleep
1:18:40Marty Happy Trails

August 20, 2022 (Kick Butt Coffee AUS Open Mic

15:42TUG Marty Talks
17:37TUG Proud Mary
20:49TUG Happy Trails
Marty's phoneTUG Proud Mary
Marty's phoneTUG Happy Trails
48:31Mary Jane Drought Break
55:43Paul Just the Two of Us
58:51Paul Reminiscing

August 16, 2022

17:55Brenda Wayfaring Stranger
24:05Mary Jane Bound for Freedom
29:10Walter Bye Bye Blues
35:05Gary and Paulette I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
38:44Paul Fire and Rain
44:55Vany Blueberry Hill
50:05Mary Jane All God's Children Ain't Free
1:00:34group Proud Mary
1:18:20group Happy Trails

August 9, 2022

16:30Mary Jane Someday Soon
21:46Walter KC Moan
30:28Brenda House of the Rising Sun
36:32Errol Moon River
42:14Christine The River
49:33Gary and Paulette Deep in the West
55:28Mary Jane My Sweet Wyoming Home
1:00:57Paul Strawberry Fields Forever
1:08:16group Proud Mary
1:17:15group Stand by Me
1:28:13group Happy Trails

August 2, 2022

3:01Mary Jane Romance in Durango
22:05Paul Just the Two of Us
26:00Kent Workin' at the Car Wash Blues
28:44Walter Blame It on the Bossa Nova
36:01Rich Dreams
43:14Gary and Paulette Listen to the Radio
49:58Mary Jane Pastures of Plenty
56:30Brenda Downtown
1:02:00Paul Time in a Bottle
1:05:23group Proud Mary
1:20:54group Standy by Me
1:24:32group Happy Trails

July 19, 2022

2:42Gary and Paulette Proud Mary
19:42Mary Jane Fiddler's Green
25:10Vany We Used to
34:37Walter When I Have to Take a Shower with the Blues
45:04Brenda Happy Together
49:45Gary and Paulette Stand by Me
1:00:28Mary Jane Jug of Punch
1:04:33Paul Rainbow Connection
1:11:05Happy Trails

July 12, 2022

3:45 Vany (Crazy)
9:55 Gary Proud Mary
27:26 Mary Jane My Mexican Home
33:29 Walter All Together Now
42:02 Errol (Deep River Blues)
54:15 Gary Stand By Me
1:00:45 Brenda Scarborough Fair
1:06:00 Paul Reminiscing
1:12:37 Mary Jane Angel from Montgomery
1:17:22 (Happy Trails)

July 5, 2022

18:23 Walter (Diddy Wah Diddy)
24:50 Mary Jane (Power and the Glory)
34:18 Paul (Don't Think Twice It's Alright)
43:15 Vany (My Only Child)
54:37 Rich (It Never Rains in Southern California)
1:00:33 Gary Phelps (Proud Mary)
1:17:33 Mary Jane (Bread and Roses)
1:22:33 Happy Trails

June 28, 2022

12:44 Vany (The Grass is Blue)
20:55 Kent (Runaway)
26:44 Walter (Goodbye Booze)
36:06 Paul (Cocaine Blues)
40:30 Barbara (What Was I Supposed To Do)
43:35 Brenda (I Remember Everything)
50:30 Mary Jane (Roundup Lullaby)
58:54 Marty (bluegrass demo)
1:02:35 Christine (Brother Can You Spare a Dime)
1:09:35 Gary (Changes in Latitudes)
1:18:10 Errol (Malaguena)
1:31:25 Mary Jane (Roundup Time)…

June 21, 2022

11:01 Vany (Route 66)
19:45 Brenda (Back in the High Life Again)
24:55 Kent (Flowers on the Wall)
29:02 Mary Jane (Wild Roses)
34:10 Walter (Come with Me into Babylon)
41:35 Gary and Paulette (Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da)
48:50 Vany (Wildflowers)
54:04 Paul (Let the Cocaine Be)
59:43 Mary Jane (Rain Just Falls)
1:11:47 Gary (Hotel California)
1:19:33 Happy Trails

June 14, 2022

8:28 Mary Jane (Sailin' on Through)
13:06 Walter (Louie Louie)
19:05 Vany (Can't Help Falling in Love)
24:31 Paul (Something 'bout a Boat)
32:40 Christine (Brother Can You Spare a Dime?)
39:50 Paulette and Gary (Deep in the West)
47:35 Brenda (Sugar Mountain)
55:41 Gary (Blue Moon)
1:02:00 Rich (Horse with no Name)
1:08:58 JD (Ripple)
1:14:53 Paul (Hotel California)
1:22:05 Happy Trails

June 7, 2022

2:40 Deana (Love Potion Number 9)
9:12 Walter (Singing in the Bathtub)
14:48 Vany (Sing Me a Song of a Lad That is Gone)
20:29 Mary Jane (Ripple)
28:21 Paul (Hotel California)
38:29 Gary and Paulette (Friend of the Devil)
45:16 Barbara (Who'll Stop the Rain)
52:44 Brenda (Forever Young)
58:02 Errol (Medley, old standards)
1:03:35 Rich (Girl from  Ipanema)
1:08:28 Walter (Dream Lover)
1:13:41 Marty (In Heaven There is no Beer)
1:16:42 Happy Trails

May 31, 2022

18:05 Paul (Jeannie)
25:20 Mary Jane (A Swallow Song)
34:55 Walter (Cadillac Boogie)
43:55 Vany (Death of the Last Stripper)
50:23 Christine (I'm Nobody's Child)
56:00 Kent (Being a Pirate)
1:02:44 Brenda (The Mighty Quinn)
1:06:44 Lori and Jana (Jambalaya)
1:10:04 Gary (City of Stars)
1:14:40 Deana (Danse Paysanne)
1:17:41 Paulette and Gary (September When it Comes)
1:29:45 Barbara (He Stopped Loving Her Today)
1:37:23 Happy Trails

May 17, 2022

15:27 Paul (El Camino)
21:00 Walter (Mockingbird)
28:20 Mary Jane (Dropkick me, Jesus)
35:05 Vany (The GLory of Love)
47:24 Gary and Paulette (What We Really Want)
54:25 Brenda (Wildflowers)
1:03:42 Mary Jane (Cheap Whiskey)
1:11:23 Walter (Let's Stick Together)
1:25:39 Paul (Keep Your Hands to Yourself)
1:30:05 Happy Trails

May 10, 2022

2:00 Walter (Tonight You Belong to Me)
7:56 Vany (Your Cheatin Heart)
16:44 Paulette and Gary (Memphis)
24:55 Mary Jane (The Hippopotamus Song)
36:48 Gary (Deep River Blues)
41:18 Errol (Five Foot Two)
47:18 Christine (I Just Turned and Walked Away)
58:01 Mary Jane (If Not Now)
1:03:17 Walter (Blue Moon of Kentucky)
1:10:11 Christine (Mother's Day)…

April 26, 2022

15:22 Walter (Fishin' Blues)
26:06 Brenda (Mr. Tambourine Man)
31:19 Mary Jane (Gathering of the Spirits)
43:56 Gary and Paulette (The Boxer)
54:58 Kent (Would You Like to Swing on a Star)
59:24 Barbara (Mister Sandman)
1:09:45 Paul (No Sugar Tonight)
1:22:15 Group (Happy Trails)

April 19, 2022

7:28 Gary and Paulette (The Boxer)
14:45 Kent (Five OClock World)
20:40 Walter (Hold on, I'm Coming)
27:03 Barbara (Tea for Two)
33:05 Mary Jane (Stealing Stealing)
38:08 Marty (Ol' 55)
47:03 Paul (Walk on Boy)
26:30 Brenda (Back in the High Life Again)
1:02:15 Mary Jane (A Garden of My Own)
1:07:23 Mark (Steve's Hammer)
1:16:22 Marty (Texas Cookin)
1:21:55 Gary and Paulette (Happy Trails)

April 12, 2022

16:35 Gary and Paulette (Trouble in Mind)
22:26 Walter (The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze)
30:48 Marty (I'll Fly Away)
42:25 Vany (Don't Fence Me In)
48:27 Kent (Mrs. Robinson)
1:03:35 Gary (Pancho and Lefty)
1:09:31 Paul (Thunder Island)
1:34:19 Vany (Sway)
1:40:45 Vany (Banana Pancakes)

April 5, 2022

9:22 Vany (My Friend is Gone)
13:58 Kent (Lonely People)
22:24 Walter (I Fought the Law)
28:08 Marty (Grandma's Hands)
35:40 Brenda (Big Rock Candy Mountain)
39:47 Christine (You Typed Tornadoes)
44:43 Mary Jane (Shake Sugaree)
1:01:35 Gary and Paulette (Early in the Morning)
1:06:07 Gary (Banana Pancakes)
1:13:05 Paul (How Deep is Your Love)
1:29:15 Mary Jane (Stick to the Cratur)
1:37:33 Paulette (What Can You Do with a Drunken Sailor)
1:54:19 Paul (April Showers)

March 29, 2022

17:06 Vany (My Name Can't Be Mama)
23:33 Walter (I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles)
30:19 Gary (Pamela Brown)
35:20 Mary Jane (In This Life)
40:54 Brenda (Feelin' Alright)
48:45 Marty (Time is on My Side)
53:39 Paulette and Gary (House of the Rising Sun)
1:10:21 Paul (Time in a Bottle)
1:23:30 Mary Jane (Quare Bungle Rye)
1:28:02 Brenda (Little Red Uke)
1:32:00 Vany (Octopus Island)
1:49:35 Barbara (Ghost Chickens in the Sky)

March 22, 2022

12:05 Fred (Will the Circle be Unbroken)
16:08 Walter (I Believe in Bugs)
23:10 Errol (Blue Moon)
26:46 Vany (Harvest Moon)
32:15 Mary Jane (De Colores)
37:49 Marty (Stormy Monday)
45:05 Gary (Texas Love Song)
50:03 Barbara (Frere Jacques)
53:16 Paulette and Gary (City of New Orleans)
1:03:43 Brenda (Good Riddance)
1:08:45 Paul (Beer Run)
1:21:36 Mary Jane (Jug of Punch)
1:42:00 Barbara (Sailin' On Through)
1:52:45 Vany (Hanalei Moon)

March 15, 2022

10:05 Vany (Cucurrucucu-Paloma)
20:36 Errol (Whisky In the Jar)
26:30 Paulette and Gary (Danny Boy)
31:14 Walter (I'm Henery VIII, I am)
34:58 Mary Jane (Heather on the Moor)
47:37 Brenda (Johnny B Goode)
51:00 Barbara (I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover)
1:00:00 Christine (People Get Ready)
1:05:41 Paul (Ukrainian National Anthem)
1:20:58 Vany (Loose Change)
1:27:07 Mary Jane (Cruiscin Lan)
1:35:44 Marty (Danny Boy)
1:41:15 Vany (Crowded Table)

March 8, 2022

12:10 Mary Jane (Once In a Very Blue Moon)
17:24 Walter (Heroes)
23:23 Gary and Paulette (Wayfaring Stranger)
35:24 Errol (Erev Shel Shoshanim)
39:15 Christine (Losing My Religion)
44:54 Brenda (Paradise)
51:13 Vany (Redesigning Women)
55:50 Paul (Walk On Boy)
1:09:06 Mary Jane (The Moonshiner)
1:13:45 Marty (John the Revelator)
1:19:01 Christine (Constant Craving)
1:39:32 Brenda (Stuck in the Condo Blues)

March 1, 2022

10:52 Paul (Imperial March)
14:05 Walter (Doctor Jazz)
20:07 Mary Jane (Time After Time)
32:51 Gary (I Shall Be Released)
37:22 Marty (chord sequence theory)
40:30 Christine and Tom (Don't You Just Know It)
44:45 Brenda (Mad World)
52:58 Kent (House at Pooh Corner)
1:00:18 Barbara (Love Letters in the Sand)
1:03:44 Vany (Highwomen)
1:12:16 Paulette and Gary (Ain't That a Shame)
1:27:11 Paulette and Gary (Jamaica Farewell)
1:32:25 Mary Jane (Bats)
1:43:56 Paul (Smile)

February 22, 2022

12:55 Christine (Sunny Side of the Street)
17:11 Vany (Smile)
21:15 Marty (Desperado)
25:27 Walter (A Mess of Blues)
30:05 Paulette and Gary (Hallelujah)
39:05 Brenda (The Ride)
46:21 Jack (minuet in G/Lover's Concerto)
51:04 Gary (All I Have to do is Dream)
56:50 Kent (Dust in the Wind)
1:02:01 Mary Jane (If I Was a Blackbird)
1:10:26 Barbara (Hey Look Me Over)
1:16:01 Paul (Blackbird)
1:35:11 Mary Jane (Finnigan's Wake)
1:45:34 Gary and Paulette (Wave Over Yonder in the Minor Key)

February 15, 2022

12:12 Walter (One After Nine-Oh-Nine)
17:25 Kent (Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow)
22:09 Paulette and Gary (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)
26:55 Fred (Walking the Floor Over You)
31:05 Marty (Ashokan Farewell)
33:38 Christine (Gonna Spend More Time with You)
40:44 Mary Jane (Sweet Thames Flow Softly)
47:32 Brenda (A Place in the Sun)
50:00 Paul (Time - Pink Floyd)
1:14:57 Mary Jane (Gimmie a Ride to Heaven Boy)
1:20:50 Brenda (House of the Rising Sun)
1:28:22 Christine (Tired of Making my Bed)
1:31:07 Marty (Big Sciota)
1:40:35 Paul (Charlie is My Darling)
1:46:12 Errol (Song in Afrikaans)
1:47:33 Errol (Sentimental Journey)

February 8, 2022

10:55 Walter (Blue Bayou)
15:20 Brenda (Rainbow Connection)
18:47 Gary (Red Rubber Ball)
24:12 Jack (Sarabande, Bach unaccompanied cello suite)
28:45 Mary Jane (Landslide)
33:39 Gary and Paulette (Two of Us)
38:22 Paul (Time)
54:00 Mary Jane (Tak' a Dram Afore Ye Go)
1:09:43 Paul (Hushabye Mountain)
1:29:36 Brenda (The Ballad of Jed Clampett)
1:32:38 Gary and Paulette (Pancho and Lefty)

February 1, 2022

11:30 Walter (Act Naturally)
16:36 Vany (Georgia on my Mind)
21:51 Barbara (Only the Lonely)
25:34 Gary and Paulette (11 Easy Steps)
33:00 Brenda (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life)
37:56 Marty (The Last Time)
43:14 Errol (Alberta)
53:01 Gary (Can't Let Go)
1:01:27 Mary Jane (Time)
1:09:02 Paul (Something)
1:26:25 Mary Jane (Mobile Line)
1:32:58 Brenda (Big Rock Candy Mountain)

January 25, 2022

8:31 Walter (The Magic Eight-Ball)
13:28 Brenda (Tennessee Stud)
17:55 Paulette and Gary (Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay)
26:25 Marty (Make Me Down a Pallet on Your Floor)
33:48 Christine (My Friend is Gone)
39:12 Mary Jane (Ca' the Yowes)
52:38 Paul (Yesterday)
1:13:04 Mary Jane (You're Welcome, Willie Stewart)
1:19:16 Christine (Sweet Violets)
1:23:00 Paulette and Gary (These Boots Are Made For Walkin')
1:32:08 Paul (Something)
1:39:23 Brenda (Don't Worry Be Happy)
1:45:45 Paul (The End)
1:46:12 Paul (Her Majesty)…

January 18, 2022

13:44 Barbara (Be My Baby)
16:53 Brenda (Famous Blue Raincoat)
24:23 Gary and Paulette (Eleanor Rigby)
28:11 Walter (Every Night)
33:05 Mary Jane (Sweet Betsy from Pike)
44:35 Vany (Pearly Shells)
50:34 Kent (I'll Follow the Sun)
56:35 Christine (Wish I Could Retire)
1:11:00 Paul (Escape the Pina Colada Song)
1:43:40 Mary Jane (Casey Jones)…

January 11, 2022

11:17 Kent (Horse with no Name)
16:15 Walter (Higher and Higher)
21:05 Brenda (End of the Line)
26:20 Mary Jane (Blow, Ye Winds of Morning)
34:51 Marty (Pretty Green Hills)
43:51 Gary and Paulette (Yellow Submarine)
51:33 Vany Loch Lomond
56:25 Paul (Go Your Own Way)
1:18:11 Mary Jane (Hold On)…

January 4, 2022

12:40 Kent (Nowhere Man)
21:20 Walter (Waltzing With Bears)
27:25 Gary and Paulette (Urge for Going)
36:46 Marty (Don't You Think It's Time to Go?)
43:34 Mary Jane (Tumbling Tumbleweeds)
50:43 Brenda (Spoof - Hallelujah)
56:26 Errol (St. Louis Blues)
1:01:27 Barbara (Sunshine on My Shoulders)
1:06:22 Vany (Girl from Impanema)
1:14:43 Christine and Tom (Dream Lover)
1:17:38 Paul (Amazing Grace - House of the Rising Sun)
1:39:42 Mary Jane (Rocky Top)
1:45:56 Walter (Particle Man)
1:50:06 Marty (All the Good Times are Past and Gone)
2:08:36 Christine (Don't Worry Be Happy)…

December 28, 2021

13:46 Paulette and Gary (Proud Mary)
18:22 Barbara (Turn Turn Turn)
25:01 Christine (Baby I'm Yours)
30:52 Walter (You Belong to Me)
36:49 Brenda (Wayfarin' Stranger)
40:22 Mary Jane (Blow the Man Down)
1:14:46 Christine (A Song for You)
1:22:30 Brenda (Boredom Prison Blues)
1:30:11 Mary Jane (Cripple Creek)
1:42:09 Paulette and Gary (All Along the Watchtower)

December 21, 2021

9:42 Mary Jane (What Child Is This)
14:42 Walter (We Three Kings - goofy version)
19:21 Kent (You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch)
24:00 Marty (Chipmunk Song)
26:39 Vany (On a Coconut Island)
31:31 Brenda (Feliz Navidad)
34:00 Paulette and Gary (Have Yourself a Covid Little Christmas)
40:08 Paul (Christmas in Texas)
44:19 Walter (Old Lang's Sign)
58:40 Mary Jane (Winter Soltice Time)
1:08:19 Barbara (Frosty the Snowman)
1:17:10 Vany (Don't Think Twice)
1:21:56 Paul (Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)
1:24:33 Barbara (We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

December 14, 2021

10:53 Walter (Chipmunk Song)
17:02 Paulette and Gary (Rocking Around the Christmas Tree)
21:27 Mary Jane (Grandma's Poinsettia)
33:47 Kent (Winter Wonderland)
36:58 Brenda (Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer)
42:01 Gary (La Vie en Rose)
48:51 Christine (A Child is Born)
53:36 Paul (A Willie Nice Christmas)
1:05:01 Brenda (Looking Out My Back Door)
1:11:27 Mary Jane (Joy to the Earth)
1:16:21 Paulette and Gary (La Lorana)
1:30:08 Christine (I'm Nobody's Child)
1:41:52 Paul (Mele Kalikimaka)

December 7, 2021

5:08 Deana (White Rabbit)
11:53 Gary (Love Minus Zero)
15:37 Kent (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus)
18:41 Mary Jane (Arthur McBride and the Sergeant)
26:44 Walter (I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas)
35:54 Vany (Fly Me to the Moon) httyp://
40:33 Barbara (Silent Aloha Oe)
44:35 Errol (The Alamo)
50:58 Gary and Paulette (Freight Train)
57:35 Brenda (Good King Wenceslas)
1:02:47 Paul (Murder by Numbers)
1:24:23 Mary Jane (The Wassail Song)…
1:29:48 Vany (Mele Kalikimaka)

November 30, 2021

16:26 Mary Jane (Proud Mary)
23:17 Walter (I Started a Joke)
32:20 Barbara (Seventy-Six Trombones)
37:04 Marty (That's How I Got to Memphis)
43:32 Brenda (These Boots Were Made for Walking)
49:16 Gary and Paulette (I Can See Clearly Now)
1:25:39 Mary Jane (Long Time Friends)

November 23, 2021

6:59 Gary and Paulette (Wagon Wheel)
16:22 Vany (Na Tum Hamein Jaano)
23:45 Walter (KC Moan)
28:58 Marty (All I Have to do is Dream)
34:51 Glenn (Spanish Suite)
37:44 Barbara (Coat of Many Colors)
44:06 Brenda (Who'll Stop the Rain)
48:56 Mary Jane (Ten Thousand Miles Away)
55:23 Al (Fragile)
59:37 Paul (If I Only Had a Brain)
1:17:34 Marty (C G Am F, Am F C G, F C G Am, G Am F C)
1:30:12 Mary Jane (Blue Prairie)
1:37:45 Paulette (Sad Four Chord Song)
1:40:40 Gary (Four chords in Am)
1:46:47 Christine (Wish I Were Retired)
1:51:00 Brenda (C Edim F G7)
1:53:50 Vany (Feeling Good)
2:00:00 Vany (Heart of Gold)
2:08:00 Paul (chords in Am, 6/8 time)
2:10:55 Paul (strum cam)

November 16, 2021

6:08 Brenda (Octopus's Garden)
10:14 Walter (KC Moan)
15:03 Errol (E Huli Makou)
19:30 Mary Jane (Fields of Gold)
25:49 Vany (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)
30:37 Marty (Lord I Hope This Day is Good)
36:00 Christine (I Just Turned and Walked Away)
41:20 Barbara (As Tears Go By)
47:04 Gary (Summertime)
50:52 Paulette (Summertime)
1:06:12 Paul (Summertime)
1:12:38 Vany (Summertime)
1:17:58 Mary Jane (Summertime)
1:22:12 Christine (Summertime chords)
1:25:30 Christine (Summertime/Wintertime)
1:30:40 Marty (Summertime)

November 9, 2021

13:25 Mary Jane (Ballad of Easy Rider)
17:56 Christine (Ain't She Sweet)
21:48 Gary and Paulette (Back in the USSR)
26:46 Brenda (Good Riddance (Time of Your Life))
32:13 Vany (Walking After Midnight)
39:33 Paul (Rhiannon)
1:05:10 Mary Jane (Whiskey, You're the Devil)
1:17:41 Christine (Booty Blues)
1:21:00 Vany (If You Go Away)
1:28:56 Brenda (Summertime)
1:32:26 Marty (Summertime)

October 26, 2021

18:10 Mary Jane (Who Were the Witches)
22:11 Gary and Paulette (The Circle Game)
28:55 Barbara (Deep in the Heart of Texas)
39:22 Kent (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
45:32 Gary (Blowin' in the Wind)
50:16 Brenda (Long Tall Texan)
54:55 Vany (I'm So Lonesome)
59:26 Paul (Werewolves of Austin)
1:14:40 Mary Jane (The Irish Ballad)
1:24:22 Walter (Monster Mash)
1:28:49 Kent (Little Red Ridinghood)
1:33:26 Gary and Paulette (Big Yellow Taxi)
1:37:52 Paul (Never Going Back)…

October 19, 2021

10:43 Walter (If I Didn't Care)
14:13 Gary (Sway)
19:33 Marty (Runaway)
23:33 Brenda (Spoof - My Favorite Things)
30:33 Mary Jane (Rhiannon)
34:50 Paul (Witchy Woman)
39:48 Paul (Witchy Woman intro tutorial)
54:40 Walter (You Belong to Me)
1:01:05 Mary Jane (Ann Boleyn)
1:23:03 Brenda (Wayfaring Stranger)
1:27:09 Kent (The Letter)

October 12, 2021

3:41 Kent (San Francisco Bay Blues)
7:51 Vany (On Raglan Road)
13:17 Gary (A Mountain High-Top)
17:54 Gary and Paulette (Angle From Montgomery)
23:50 Brenda (After the Goldrush)
30:14 Walter (Ain't No Grave)
35:04 Mary Jane (Come Fare Away with Me)
45:28 Christine (A Song for You)
50:26 Paul (I Hold Your Hand in Mine)
54:04 Marty (A Song for You)
1:15:55 Mary Jane (Cruiscin Lan)

October 5, 2021

6:25 Kent (Good Night)
11:44 Walter (The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore)
16:30 Errol (Ripple)
21:34 Vany (The Maker Makes)
28:01 Paul (Fixin' a Hole)
32:35 Mary Jane (Rise Up Lazarus)
37:42 Brenda (Pancho and Lefty)
42:24 Gary and Paulette (Dancing in the Dark)
47:38 Deana (I Saw the Light)
52:40 Christine (Hello Starlight)
56:37 Barbara (Oh What a Beautiful Morning)
1:00:40 Marty (Noodling 12-bar blues in C)
1:04:17 Paul (Hell)
1:18:15 Mary Jane (Highway Patrol)
1:22:41 Christine (Miserable, Lonely, Alleycat Blues)
1:28:26 Vany (The Wayward Wind)

September 28, 2021

10:37 Marty (London Homesick Blues)
18:27 Paulette and Gary (Moonshadow)
24:07 Mary Jane (South Coast)
32:28 Walter (The End of the World)
39:06 Barbara (Down in the River to Pray)
44:32 Errol (The River Mother Nature and Me)
48:35 Paul (Here Comes the Sun)
1:00:22 (Working Girl Blues)

September 21, 2021

19:28 Brenda (Bad Moon Rising)
22:58 Gary and Paulette (Stormy Weather)
26:48 Vany (He'll Have to Go)
31:02 Barbara (You Are My Sunshine)
34:54 Walter (Chains)
38:56 Mary Jane (Greenfields)
44:09 Paul (Ain't No Sunshine)
1:05:34 Mary Jane (If I Had a Boat)
1:15:27 Paulette and Gary (Choo Choo Ch' Boogie)
1:19:58 Vany (Autumn Leaves)
1:27:27 Barbara (I'll Fly Away)
1:34:17 Vany (L-o-v-e)
1:40:34 Paul (Vincent)

September 14, 2021

12:01 Marty (That's How I Got to Memphis)
16:40 Gary and Paulette (
24:28 Brenda (Wayfaring Stranger)
29:30 Mary Jane (Masai Gift: 14 Cows)
37:33 Walter (Handy Man)
42:00 Vany (Falling Slowly)
46:44 Paul (Lord Mr. Ford)
57:50 Vany (Wash Away)
1:04:42 Mary Jane (Jug of Punch)
1:10:16 Vany (Beautiful Dreamer)
1:19:20 Christine (work in progress)

September 7, 2021

10:57 Paul (Blackbird)
15:41 Marty (Harper Valley PTA)
22:05 Walter (I'll Follow the Sun)
25:15 Brenda (Mad World)
30:02 Mary Jane (God's Counting on Me)
36:05 Paulette and Gary (Whose Garden Was This?)
41:38 Blue Skies (Kent)
44:35 Vany (Ain't No Sunshine)
49:18 Barbara (Til There was You)
55:08 Vany (The Boxer)
1:23:23 Mary Jane (Diamond Joe)
1:31:06 Brenda (As Tears Go By)
1:35:14 Walter (The St. James Infirmary Blues)…

August 31, 2021

15:55 Gary and Paulette (I'm an Old Cowhand)
20:25 Kent (People are Strange)
24:49 Mary Jane (Buffalo Skinners)
33:13 Walter (Flip Flop Fly)
38:20 Deana (Say Something)
44:27 Gary (Old Man)
51:47 Barbara (Your Cheatin Heart)
55:18 Christine (Talking in Your Sleep)
1:00:15 Brenda (Happy Together)
1:05:03 Mimi (Ain't Misbehavin')
1:08:01 Paul (Angie)
1:40:51 Mary Jane (Pastures of Pleasure)
1:53:37 Gary (Satisfaction)…

August 24, 2021

8:26 Kent (All I Have to Do is Dream)
12:52 Mary Jane (Sweet Baby James)
16:59 Walter (John the Revelator)
22:52 Barbara (It's a Sin to Tell a Lie)
26:11 Gary (I Remember Everything)
30:45 Paulette and Gary (Till I Kissed You)
36:14 Brenda (Hallelujah)
40:15 Paul (Drift Away)
48:33 Barbara (Bye Bye Love)
54:46 Mary Jane (Crescent City)
1:01:05 Gary and Paulette (Shake Sugaree)
1:05:18 Brenda (Folsom Prison Blues)
1:34:18 Paul (Stupid Texas Song)

August 17, 2021

(Walter’s first performance after hurting his hand)
18:56 Walter (Diddy Wah Diddy)
22:42 Gary (Don't Fence Me In)
25:37 Mary Jane (Sunshine on My Shoulders)
31:22 Steve (and his bamboo uke)
32:27 Kent (Lyin' Eyes)
39:42 Christine (Stormy Weather)
44:38 Gary and Paulette (Maggie May)
50:00 Brenda (Down on the Corner)
55:44 Paul (Fire and Rain)
1:16:59 Mary Jane (A Teenager in Love)
1:32:22 Paul (Hushabye Mountain)

August 10, 2021

2:09 Mimi (Melodic Melodies)
6:39 Brenda (Bad Moon Rising)
11:35 Mary Jane (Jesus on the Mainline)
15:55 Gary (Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes)
19:48 Paulette and Gary (Jamaica Farewell)
23:58 Mary Jane (Five Pound Bass)
28:23 Brenda (Three Little Birds)
46:56 Gary (If We Were Vampires)
51:32 Paulette and Gary (I'll Always Remember Us This Way)
58:15 Mary Jane (Sweet Thang)

August 3, 2021

10:55 Paulette and Gary (Crazy)
17:11 Mary Jane (One More Cup of Coffee)
20:58 Mimi (Yia Yia's Lullaby)!
31:10 Brenda (Ghost Chickens in the Sky)
34:50 Paul (Bridge Over Troubled Water)
41:30 Christine (In My Life)
58:38 Mary Jane (Great Grand-Pappy)
1:03:50 Paul (Over the Rainbow)

July 27, 2021

10:50 Gary and Paulette with Walter (Stand By Me)
14:31 Gary and Paulette (Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)
19:55 Mary Jane (Colours)
24:32 Kent (Today While the Blossoms Still Cling to the Vine)
32:20 Christine (Talkin' in my Sleep)
37:06 Vany (Island Style)
42:37 Vany (Dimming of the Day)
47:40 Vany (Freight Train)
52:25 Paul (Is There Anybody Out There) github Is There Anybody Out There
1:07:18 Mary Jane (My Mexican Home)…

July 13, 2021

10:10 Gary and Paulette (Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)
23:24 Gary and Paulette with Walter (Stand By Me)
38:30 Walter (Walk Away Renee)
44:25 Mary Jane (Wildflowers)
51:29 Brenda (Summertime)
56:05 Paulette and Gary (Greensleeves)
1:03:12 Paul (Time in a Bottle)
1:16:54 Deana (Lagima)
1:24:44 Mary Jane (Way Out There)
1:31:24 Paul (Hushabye Mountain)

June 29, 2021

11:25 Gary (Crazy)
20:20 Kent (Crazy)
31:04 Paul (Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard)
37:37 Gary (Secret Agent Man)
50:22 Paul (Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)
59:29 Kent (New York State of Mind)
1:06:42 Mary Jane (I Am Willing)
1:11:13 Christine (Constant Craving)
1:18:01 Errol (The River Mother Nature and Me)
1:36:18 Mary Jane (Power and the Glory)
1:43:02 Brenda (This Land is Your Land)

June 15, 2021

14:48 Mary Jane (Round Up Time)
21:27 Christine (Under the Boardwalk)
28:10 Deana (Danse Paysanne)
37:42 Gary and Paulette (Fields of Gold)
42:25 Paul (Kern River Shuffle - Daniel Ward)
46:35 Walter (Be My Baby) 
51:39 Kent (I Saw Her Standing There)
57:10 Brenda (This Land is Your Land)
1:02:24 Marty and Paul (Homegrown Tomatoes)
1:37:41 Mary Jane (LA Freeway)…

June 1, 2021

16:00 Paul (Blitzkrieg Bop)
19:00 Paul (Cornbread and Butterbeans)
23:42 Mary Jane (Homegrown Tomatoes)
28:13 Walter (Nyquil Blues)
35:54 Gary (Happy Trails)
46:12 Mary Jane (Texas Cookin)
52:05 Marty (Trouble in Mind)
57:32 Mary Jane (Dirty Old Town)
1:03:35 Gary (I'll Fly Away)
1:08:12 Mary Jane (Paradise)
1:33:08 Brenda (Texas Cookin)
1:39:49 Mary Jane (Crazy Words - Crazy Tune)
1:45:52 Paul (Over the Rainbow)

May 18, 2021

15:04 Walter (Blitzkrieg Bob)
21:25 Marty (I'll FLy Away)
26:45 Walter (Homegrown Tomatoes)
31:05 Mary Jane (Texas Cookin)
36:27 Gary and Paulette (Cornbread and Butterbeans)
46:03 Mary Jane, Marty, Walter (Dirty Old Town)
52:36 Mary Jane (Paradise)
59:07 Paulette and Gary (Happy Trails)
1:03:24 Brenda (Jackson)
1:05:50 Mary Jane (All God's Children Ain't Free)
1:10:25 Walter (Nyquil Blues)
1:25:33 Mimi (Melodic Meditations)
1:30:02 Walter (Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Was In)
1:39:05 Review of music for Kevin's memorial

May 11, 2021

18:43​ Kent (Two of Us)
22:37​ Paul (When You Wish Upon a Star)
26:08​ Mary Jane (Blue Kentucky Girl)
32:20​ Jack (The Shadow of Your Smile)
37:10​ Marty (Moon River)
41:57​ Walter (If You Want to be a Bird)
45:51​ Brenda (Ring of Fire)
53:37​ Fran (I'll Follow the Sun)
1:04:08​ Mary Jane (Bats)
1:16:47​ Christine (Angel from Montgomery)
1:32:52​ Mary Jane (Dirty Old Town)
1:39:30​ Paul (Vincent)
1:44:12​ Walter (Ready for the River)…

May 4, 2021

18:30​ Kent (If)
26:32​ Christine (YOu are my Sunshine/Show me the way to go home)
31:10​ Walter (Boodle Am Shake)
35:30​ Mimi (Mozart Minuet)
39:32​ Deana (Danse Paysanne)
44:03​ Jack (Shell Chord Tutorial)
59:34​ Mary Jane (Horseshoe Crab)
1:05:24​ Barbara (Ghost Riders in the Sky)
1:11:38​ Paulette and Gary (Last Kind Words)
1:17:13​ Brenda (Pancho and Lefty)
1:24:11​ Paul (Blue Skies)
1:48:40​ Mary Jane (Drill Ye Tarriers Drill)
1:52:49​ Paul (Hushabye Mountain)…

April 27, 2021

10:35​ Deana (Try)
16:09​ Jack (Autumn Leaves)
23:22​ Barbara (The Glory of Love)
27:14​ Gary (Edelweiss)
31:23​ Brenda (Mr. Tambourine Man)
35:33​ Mary Jane (Harmony)
40:25​ Mimi (Air Pudding - Daniel Ward's Arpeggio Meditations)
45:17​ Walter (Mack the Knife)
52:15​ Gary and Paulette (Shimmy Like My Sister Kate)
56:07​ Paul (Wandrin' Star)
1:16:01​ Mary Jane (North Uist Hedgehog Dilemma)
1:36:50​ Walter (When I Take a Shower with the Blues)

April 20, 2021

15:18​ Walter (Make Yourself a Happiness Pie)
19:28​ Mimi (Oh Danny Boy)
23:55​ Marty (John the Revelator)
30:15​ Barbara (Walking After Midnight)
33:51​ Mary Jane (Our Planet)
39:37​ Paulette (Ticket to Ride)
47:02​ Brenda (Summertime)
50:53​ Gary (El Paso)
1:00:02​ Paul (Friend of the Devil)
1:10:18​ Mary Jane (The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker)

April 13, 2021

10:24​ Gary (Come a Little Bit Closer)
16:13​ Christine (Miserable, Lonely, Alleycat Blues)
23:53​ Mary Jane (A Swallow Song)
29:24​ Kent (Without You)
34:35​ Walter (Bang a Gong)
40:37​ Brenda (Don't Worry - Be Happy)
48:48​ Gary and Paulette (Secret Agent Man)
57:08​ Paul (If I Only Had a Brain)
1:18:52​ Mary Jane (Lili Marlene)
1:39:07​ Mary Jane (I'm a Dog)

April 6, 2021

9:14 Barbara (Zing Went the Strings of My Heart)
17:02 Walter (Can't Find My Way Home)
23:16 Mary Jane (To Live is to Fly)
27:52 Gary P (Things We Said Today)
34:35 Kent (Watching the River Run)
39:58 Fred (Cotton Fields)
44:27 Brenda (Love is All Around)
49:25 Paul (April Showers)
1:04:27 Mary Jane (Yodeling Farmer's Song)
1:09:44 Paul (Rainbow Connection)…

March 30, 2021

11:20 Deana (Ballad of Gilligan's Island
17:08 Mary Jane (Open Range Ahead)
21:28 Brenda (Radioactive)
25:47 Kent (The Only Living Boy In Nw York)
30:03 Walter (Chain Gang)
36:43 Gary and Paulette (You Belong to Me)
40:35 Paul (Reminiscing)
55:03 Mary Jane (One Meatball)
59:37 Paul (Over the Rainbow)

March 23, 2021

10:28 Walter (Hooked On a Feeling)
15:25 Paul (Statistician's Blues)
20:13 Kent (World Without Love)
23:52 Barbara (You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man)
27:08 Mary Jane (A Garden of My Own)
32:20 Gary (Shake That Thing)
35:39 Gary and Paulette (Needles and Pins)
43:16 Christine (Bully Waltz)
49:21 Marty (Over the Rainbow)
53:58 Glenn (Etude 24)
1:01:41 Brenda (Jambalaya)
1:13:00 Mary Jane (Blue Skies)
1:19:55 Walter (Working in a Coal Mine)
1:31:18 Paulette and Gary (Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key)
1:39:22 Paul (Hushabye Mountain)

March 17, 2021

12:21 Brenda (Ghost Chickens in the Sky)
20:35 Deana (The Rose)
25:35 Barbara (One Raindrop)
37:10 Walter (Tracks of my Tears)
43:01 Fran (Waltzing Matilda)
47:56 Mary Jane (Ever the Winds)
52:56 All (Happy Birthday)
55:39 Kent (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road)
1:05:17 Gary (Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay)'%20on)%20The%20Dock%20of%20the%20Bay.pdf
1:10:16 Paul (Hushabye Mountain)
1:29:17 Mary Jane (Winds of Morning)
1:40:21 Paul (Hushabye Tutorial)

March 9, 2021

15:03 Mary Jane (My Sweet Wyoming Home)
19:48 Mimi (On a Slow Boat to China)
23:28 Barbara (Jolene - Ham)
28:38 Walter (Blueberry Hill)
32:35 Gary and Paulette (Ring of Fire)
39:03 Christine (Young Folks)
46:34 Gary (Old Man)
51:10 Paul (Midnight Rider)
1:09:37 What's a sus chord?
1:18:39 Rush - Closer to the Heart walkthrough
1:25:11 Mary Jane (Roundup Lullaby)…

March 2

10:53 Bob Playalong
15:03 Mary Jane (Lay Down Your Weary Tune)
23:52 Walter (If You Want to be Happy for the Rest of Your Life)
29:59 Marty (10 Degrees and Getting Colder)
33:45 Paulette (Frim Fram Sauce)
37:17 Barbara (I Fall to Pieces)
40:42 Kent (Penny Lane)
48:03 Gary G (It's Good News Week)
52:29 Brenda (Hallelujah)
57:21 Gary P (Substitute)
1:02:48 Paul (Long Train Runnin')
1:23:06 Mary Jane (Me and Bobby McGee)
1:37:06 Paul (Time in a Bottle)
1:41:35 Finger Picking Tutorial
1:46:30 Warmup/Noodling things to play

February 23, 2021

16:07 Walter (In the Midnight Hour)
19:48 Mary Jane (Catch the Wind)
26:29 Gary (The Times They Are a-Changin')
32:12 Barbara (Oh Dem Golden Slippers)
26:28 Brenda (WildFlowers)
42:12 Christine (Sixteen Tons)
46:06 Fran (The Glory of Love)
48:14 Paul (Just the Two of Us)
53:35 Kent (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)
59:07 Paul (Smile)
1:06:52 Mary Jane (South of the Border)

February 16, 2021

17:25 Mary Jane (The Book of Love)
25:01 Paul (Peace Like an Ukulele)
30:16 Kent (And I Love Her)
34:08 Fred (Darlin' Corey)
39:28 Carol (Hallelujah)
54:42 Mary Jane (Black is the Color)
1:02:34 Paul (Vincent)
1:08:20 Mary Jane (Blow the Candles Out)
1:15:07 Fred (I am a Pilgrim)

February 9, 2021

12:15 Paul (Sweet Pea)
16:05 Walter (I'm in Love Again)
19:55 Mimi (Ain't She Sweet)
27:54 Marty (Chattanooga Choo Choo)
33:19 Mary Jane (Ca' the Yowes)
43:11 Kent (Delilah)
49:07 Steve (Ashokan Farewell)
57:20 Deana (Show me the Way to go home)
1:01:34 Paulette and Gary (And I Love Her)
1:21:22 Walter (I'm Walkin')
1:24:34 Mary Jane (Star of the County Down)

February 2, 2021

1:52 Walter (He Played the Ukulele as the Ship Went Down)
9:14 Barbara (There's No Business Like Show Business)
13:30 Mary Jane (Greenland Fisheries)
21:24 Paul (All My Loving)
25:06 Christine (Dirty Old Town)
31:43 Deana (The Garden Song)
36:31 Brenda (Summer Wine)
42:59 Gary (The Flamin' Ukulele in the Sky)
48:38 Kent (Won't You Be My Neighbor)
53:17 Gary and Paulette (For Free)
58:06 Steve (Long Walk Back to San Antone)
1:02:31 Al (Pyramid Song)
1:14:03 Mary Jane (Bold Fisherman)
1:19:37 Paul (Is There Anybody Out There)
1:26:50 Steve (Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes)

January 26, 2021

12:18 Mary Jane (How Long Blues)
18:28 Deana (Danse Paysanne)
21:51 Paulette and Gary (Bird on the Wire)
26:24 Barbara (Whistle a Happy Tune)
29:11 Brenda (Big Rock Candy Mountain)
33:53 Kent (Will You Love Me Tomorrow)
37:31 Walter (Back in the Saddle Again)
43:07 Mimi (Hallelujah)
47:07 Marty (Wooly Bully)
51:19 Paul (If)
1:03:16 Mary Jane (You're Welcome, Willie Stewart)
1:20:43 Gary and Paulette (Big Yellow Taxi)

January 19, 2021

16:48 Paul (The Water is Wide)
27:11 Gary and Paulette (Mother and Child Reunion)
32:31 Brenda (The Circle Game)
38:20 Mary Jane (Crossing the Water)
44:33 Walter (And Your Bird Can Sing)
51:10 Christine (In My Life)
58:21 Kent (Morning Has Broken)
1:03:57 Gary (You Belong to Me)
1:07:41 Deana (Shortnin Bread)
1:19:15 Walter (When I Take a Shower with the Blues)
1:27:38 Mary Jane (Yellow Bird)

January 12, 2021

12:48 Mary Jane (Wild Roses)
18:08 Kent (Daydream Believer)
22:13 Walter (Alligator Meat)
1:11:59 Walter (Alligator Meat Repeat)
28:34 Gary and Paulette (Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying)
33:47 Mimi (Singing in the Rain)